Someone is Sending Spam from my Email Address

If it appears that someone is sending spam from your email address, there are two possibilities.  One is that your email account password has become compromised and used to send spam.  Typically when this happens you'll receive notices from the server in the form of bounce messages indicating that you have reached your maximum number of emails per hour, or that you've reach your maximum deferred or bounce message per hour.  In this case, you should login to your account on our web site, click on your hosting package under Services, then click on Email, and finally change the password for the affected account.

Alternatively, the problem may be that your email address is being forged.  In this case, you will typically receive many bounce messages to an email account for spam messages you never sent.  In the case, the best course of action is to adjust your SPF record to only permit our server to send mail for your domain.  To do so, first login to your cPanel, then click on Email Deliverability, then click on Manage, under the SPF click on CUSTOMIZE, scroll to the bottom and check the final checkbox, titled "Use the “-all” Entry", and finally click on the INSTALL CUSTOMIZED SPF RECORD button.

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