503 or 508 Resource Limit Errors

If when visiting your web site, you receive a 503 or 508 error, this message often indicates that you've reached a resource limit for your hosting plan. Your hosting plan includes limits on the number of processes, RAM memory, hard disk I/O, and CPU your site can use at any one time.

To see which resource limit is being reached and at what times, first login to the client area, then click on Resource Usage under your hosting plan. Here you'll be able to select a time frame and generate graphs showing your site's resource usage. If your site is regularly experiencing resource limits, it may be as the result of a bug in the software you're running on your web site (eg. a malfunctioning WordPress plugin), or the limit may be as the result of increased traffic to your web site.

You can open a support ticket with us, and we'll be happy to investigate the cause. In most cases, upgrading to a large hosting plan can correct the problem.

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