Installing WordPress

First login to cPanel, then click on Softaculous, then click on WordPress, and then click the Install Now button.

You will be prompted to enter some information.  First you will need to set Choose Installation URL.  If want to install WordPress to the root of your web site, make the In Directory field blank, otherwise specify a folder name for this field.

Next you need to enter a Site Name and Site Description.  These can be changed later from the WordPress administration area.  Then you will pick an Admin Username, Admin Password (we recommend using the password generator to generate a secure password), and assign the Admin Email to your email address.  Finally, you can scroll to the bottom and click the Install button.

After WordPress installs you will be provided with to links, one to the WordPress site that users will see, and one to the admin side used to administrate the site.  Please make note of these links for future reference.

You can refer to the WordPress Quick Start Guide for information on creating content, styling your site, and adding additional features using plugins.

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