StormWeb has hosted our local art gallery website for about 4 years now. They have consistently provided excellent hosting performance as well as providing timely and professional technical/customer service as required. We have been very satisfied with StormWeb and would recommend them to anyone looking for high quality web hosting services.

Graham from Gallery in the Grove, Brights Grove, ON

I have been dealing with StormWeb for 10 years now and host 6 domains with them. I have worked with many companies before StormWeb, but there were always issues. StormWeb has been always proactive in their approach and the rare times that something snapped, they were very quick to respond and address the problem. As a business owner, I value courteous, professional service. I would recommend StormWeb to anyone who is looking for a reliable hosting partner. They have highly redundant systems and extremely professional and caring personnel.

Canon Menon from The Menon Group Inc.

StormWeb is a hosting solutions website that has been around for over 10 years. Many companies are available for these services, but there were always issues. StormWeb is always proactive in their approach and the occasions when something was not working, they were very quick to respond and address the problem. To business owners, you can expect the value of courteous, professional service. StormWeb is a reliable hosting partner. They have excellent systems with high redundancy and extremely professional personnel.

Bill Matson from Matson Brothers Security


I recommend StormWeb to all my clients. Their excellent services and especially support make them my "go to" company for hosting. I have used their hosting services for years - I find them dependable, knowledgeable and always helpful.

Sue Rose from Triangle Design

I have been building and maintaining websites for customers of all sizes for about 12 years now, and I have worked with all sorts of hosting companies. What I have found is that the bigger the companies are, the more advertising they do in places that have nothing to do with hosting, the harder, and sometimes even impossible, they are to work with when there is a problem. StormWeb on the other hand, is one of those companies that has actual people that answer the phone, and they return emails promptly too. They care about and are even interested in what their customers have to say. They don't baffle you with BS, and they certainly don't have ulterior motives in dangling free URLs and other goodies in front of you for a quick bait and switch. In the past year I have rescued several large companies from the horrors of other big online hosts, and have relocated them to StormWeb. The process was smooth with little to no interruption. I continue to promote StormWeb as a good hosting option for new and existing clients, and will continue to switch customers to them whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Kevin Estey from Kevin Estey Design

StormWeb is a great company. We have been with StormWeb since 2004. The service has been excellent, and the staff have gone beyond the call of duty to assist us with our website requirements. The web hosting has been very reliable with no downtime. I would recommend anyone to use StormWeb without hesitation.

Carl Ritter from Wild Journeys Travel and Tours